Toronto Harbour Light Ministries Addictions Treatment Program

A vital aspect of treatment at Harbour Light is the spiritual component as it is a significant part of recovery. Recovery is spiritually based. A chaplain is available to come alongside the men as they discover their spirituality within. Spiritual care is important and on a weekly basis the chaplain meets with the men to provide a time to verbalize their search for spirituality. The objective is to bring healthy spirituality to those in recovery. It is important to help the men find meaning; value; new self; ability to cope using their spiritual values; connect to God; to integrate by creating spiritual space into dialing living and to depend on God through their recovery.

From Monday – Friday Harbour Light Ministries provides chapel services to create an atmosphere to help the men reflect through music, prayer and readings. We encourage those in recovery to attend a church of their choice or to write a plan of spiritual nurture where one can journal their thoughts and feelings on their spiritual journey. Spirituality classes are held on a weekly basis exploring the meaning of the serenity prayer, forgiveness and the first four steps of the 12 step program.

Jesus said, “if we try to hang on to our life, we will lose it”. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it” Matthew 16:25. Those who have been in recovery who have given up their old life and have found spirituality essential to their recovery have found new life.

The Salvation Army exists to be a transforming influence in the communities of this world. At Harbour Light we provide chaplaincy services to be a transforming influence to those in recovery.

Major Patricia McInnes (Chaplain for Addiction Treatment Services)